BigDSystema Offers Systema Martial Arts Classes in the Dallas Area

A 3rd degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate, blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and green belt in kickboxing, Steven Cash Nickerson is an avid practitioner of martial arts. At BigDSystema, Inc., Steven Cash Nickerson teaches the art of Systema as the school’s head instructor.

Serving the Dallas region, BigDSystema teaches the martial art form known as Systema. A useful skill for law enforcement officers and military personnel as well as anyone interested in self-defense, Systema enhances an individual’s confidence in self-protection when engaged in combat. Originating from Russia, the instinctual martial art teaches freestyle defense movements that are effective when applied with a strong spirit. Systema practitioners gain flexibility and endurance and learn body relaxation techniques.

A hands-on learning facility, BigDSystema offers Systema classes Monday through Thursday. In addition, students can sign up for other weekday classes ranging from sparring to plyometrics, or jump training. Interested individuals can register for a complimentary first class and thereafter must pay a flat membership fee each month to attend future classes. Once registered, students received unlimited access to all programs.

For more information about BigDSystema, visit


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